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Annual Christmas Dinner

It's time to make your reservation for the annual Christmas Dinner. Log in to get the details.

Christmas Ornament Exchange

By popular demand the ornament exchange is back. For the annual Christmas Dinner this year each family should bring in an ornament to exchange. We would prefer that all ornaments be handmade. Those of you who are not crafters are allowed to purchase one. Please wrap your ornaments. All ornaments will be collected at the door. At some time during the party, we will give ornaments out to those who brought one. You will not get your own back. Bring your ornaments and let's have fun. I want everyone to go home with something.
  - Paul Dodson

Next Membership Meeting

The next AWG regular membership meeting will be held on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Davidsonville United Methodist Church, 819 Central Ave., Davidsonville, MD. This is our regular second Thursday of the month meeting.

Training Award Winner

Congratulations to Art Mensch, the latest winner of the semi-annual $500 Training Award! The drawing took place at the May 2017 Membership Meeting. Congratulations, Art!

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