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Board Members 2020-2021
President – Bruce Mitchell
Endowment Coordinator – Bill Carbin
1st Vice President – Bill Schneck
Entertainment Coordinator – Paul Dodson
2nd Vice President – Bob Ashby
Show Coordinator– Candee Van Iderstine Secretary – Jim Menefee Show & Tell Coordinator – Bill Carbin
Treasurer – Vince Antonioli
Membership Chairperson – Tom Dettweiler Program Chairpersons – Chris Desautels and                                                   Phil Christenson
Librarian—Lloyd Gleason
Charity Coordinator—Andy Borland
Newsletter Editor – Carl Wick
Webmaster— Tyler Quevedo
Historian - Jim Francis
Education Chair—Rick Hodgdon
2018 Executive Board.jpg

From Left to Right: Tom, Jim, Vince, Phil, Bob, Rick, & Dave


The following people are volunteer mentors listed with their skill areas. Feel free to contact any of them if you need help with a skill, or you would like to learn a new one. Their email and phone information is in the newletters.

  • Don Ames – maintenance & use of hand edged tools

  • Pat Applegate – shellac

  • Mike Arndt – finishing, restoration

  • Bob Ashby – tooling, shaping

  • Andy Borland – boxmaking

  • Harry Chavez – intarsia

  • Paul Dodson – scrollsaw

  • Jack Hirrlinger – toy design & making

  • Jim Luck – inlay & marquetry


For more information, see Pat Applegate's Mentor Program article on page 19 of the July/August 2014 newsletter ;

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