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Why Join Us?

The Annapolis Woodworkers Guild isn't just a bunch of guys that like to hang out together once a month. There are some real benefits to joining.


Informative Meetings & Demonstrations

Our monthly meetings start with a demonstration by a master craftsman showing his technique, unique design, or "tricks of the trade". Most presenters are professional woodworkers, but some are excellent craftsman that have other professions, too. There's a Show & Tell by members wanting to share their woodworking experiences, and door prizes at every meeting. We also have a special meeting in December for our annual Holiday Dinner. You won't want to miss it!


Mentor Program

We have a large group of members that volunteer as mentors for anyone that wants help learning a new technique, or just want to refine their skills. The list is provided on the Meet the Team page, and these members are anxious to help.


AWG Library & Worksharp loan

The William M. Lee Lending Library has DVDs, books, and magazines available for loan for a period of one month. Loan requests can be filled in online, and the item can be picked up at the next monthly membership meeting.  In addition, the Guild has a WorkSharp power tool sharpener which can be borrowed for a $5. fee which covers replacing the sanding disks. This tool will sharpen knives and chisels.



We have a list of woodworking suppliers that have agreed to give 10 - 15% discounts to our members. Discounts are available on wood, tools, finishes, and other supplies.


Free Pass to the Woodworking Show

Those members that agree to help out with the AWG booth at the Woodworking Show in Baltimore get a free pass for the entire three-day show.


And More! ...

Other projects and events come up from time to time that don't always get listed here, but are still fun to participate in. And it is fun just hanging out together once a month if that's all you really want.


How to Join

Come to one of our meetings and ask the Membership Chairman for an application and we'll be glad to add you to our membership list. If you prefer to apply on-line for membership, click here to sign up.

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