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February's Guest Speaker

Paul Jackman is a local full-time woodworker settled in SW Washington, DC. He

practices his craft mostly in the form of "content creation" through YouTube and

through various other social media channels. Although hard to contain, his niche

appears to be high-end reclaimed and upcycled projects through woodworking.

He makes fast-paced and entertaining build videos on his YouTube channel that

are made for everyone, but with the ultimate goal to get the younger generations excited about making things. His educational background includes training in woodworking and carpentry at a vocational high school and a college degree in civil engineering. Very few people these days are lucky enough to have the hands-on learning experience that he had, so he's trying to pay it forward by

translating what he knows into very easily digestible videos where people are

entertained while they learn (whether they realize it or not) and often laugh at

his own expense. To see more about what he does, check out his website, or just go right to his YouTube channel, Even better, come to the February meeting to experience Paul first-hand.

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