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March's Guest Speaker

Shannon Rogers has been making things from wood since Ghostbusters (the original, good one) was in the theaters. In fact, his very first project was a Proton Pack for his Halloween costume that year. Somewhere along the way he got this crazy idea to stop using power tools and now more than a decade later he hasn't flipped a power switch on anything in his shop other than the lights and a Bluetooth speaker. By day he is the Director of Marketing for a centuries old lumber company and by night he is a hand tool vigilante as the Chief Blade Sharpener at The Hand Tool School. This online school has taught thousands of woodworkers on 6 continents over the last 10+ years how to become better woodworkers, not by ditching power tools, but by embracing the fundamental things that hand tools teach us about working wood vs machining it. You can find his teachings, videos and ramblings at any of his websites:,, or

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